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36′ Liner


Our Ice Rink Liner is available in two variations.
Please select liner type and your desired length.

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SKU: 36liner.

Each liner is supplied with a storage bag. Our liner will not rip, tear or stretch like the alternative to the film rink liner. Any size liner can be made out of this material. Please contact us for custom size ice rink liner to fit your area. When considering your ice rink size, please allow about an extra 5 feet on the width and length.

We offer two types of ice rink liners:

Economy Liner:

  • Transparent in color
  • Heat Sealed seams
  • Woven polyethelene
  • Solid non permeable material
  • Light weight for easy intstallation and removal
  • UV stabalized for long life

Maxx Liner:

  • Woven polyethelene
  • Solid non permable material
  • Heat sealed seams
  • White on one side and Silver on the opposite side.
  • Silver side will radiat the UV rays, thus prolong the life of the liner
  • UV stabalized for long life
  • Commercial grade of weave count, thus prolonging life of the liner