Backyard Hockey & Ice Rink Liner

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How to Install Backyard Ice Rink Liner

When considering your rink liner, please allow about an extra 5 feet on the width and length. For example, a 24×40 rink liner should fit an area of roughly 19×35.

Please note that we are able to make any size to fit your property. We now offer an oval size rink liner, much that emulates the configuration of an indoor ice hockey rink. An oval shape could also be easier to work with, as it will allow more room in your backyard.

Step 1

Locate a flat area within your property for which you will designate for the ice rink. The Ground must be as level as possible and clear of obstructions (roots, rocks, etc). If the ground is not level you can do so by making a sub floor for the low spots, or grade out the low spots.

Step 2

Decide which materials will be used for the construction of the ice rink (wooden boards, 2″x8″‘s, pvc piping, etc). Stake out the surface to where you envision the ice rink to go. Good aids to be used are stake chalk, a garden hose, string, etc. Begin laying out the materials used for the boards and begin fabricating the boards together

Step 3

Install the liner. Make sure that the silver side is down (facing the ground). Also be sure that the cover is as flat as you can get it, to prevent wrinkles. The cover should be taught in the inside corner. When this is done it is time to secure the liner to the boards via nails, staples, etc.

Final Step

Begin filling the liner with water and enjoy your skating time.